Providing High Value Analysis, Technical Analysis and Software Development

Building a relationship with a strategic partner that provides high value consulting services for final clients in different markets

Leveraging on strong relationship with Universities, Business Foundation and other business organization (primary Italian)



Type of service

High Value Analysis

Functional e Process Analysis that implement the business requirements according the companies process and including Process Assessment and Gap Analysis, Process Design (E2E analysis), Operating Manual, Usability analysis, Training documentations (if required) Functional test Design and execution, User acceptance test support


Typically the service is delivered on client site and it is based on interaction with the business end user  or business owner. It leverages on market benchmark and previous experiences. Relationship with  universities or  business foundation allow us to  be more innovative in the proposition

Technical Analysis

Technical specification  that includes flow charts, installation guide, security test design, performance test design


Services are delivered partially on client site in order to share the Technical  client standard , the infrastructure requirements and all non- functional requirements. Part of the services is managed  outside of client site on owned centers located in Milan.

Software Development

It Includes  activities related to computer programming, testing and bug fixing. It includes all activities starting from the Technical specification and planning, to delivery of the final software (application or custom solution) to the client. Product and  System test are performed during this phase


Typically the services is managed at the software delivery factory located in Naples or  other location if an interaction with other institution (e.g. Business Foundation, University) is required. The service can be delivered on client site if expressly requested.